Meet Our Family

It can be unnerving to welcome strangers into your home on moving day. Below you will find pics and bios of our current team members, whom we think of as family. We boast in being the only moving company that can say with confidence who is coming to your house. ¬†What does that mean? ¬†The faces below are ALL real on the books employees that we pay L&I on so Seattle Select is protected, the guys are protected and most importantly you are protected. ¬†We use ZERO day labor. ¬†Take a look below, and put a face to a name. If you’ve used us in the past and want to request a specific team member, that’s fine by us!


John:   Most experience on the team, even more than the owners!  John just gave a ring to a special someone.


Nate:¬† “He is so polite” – said every customer ever (but really, he is so polite). ¬†Nate is planning on going to school for business and take after his awesome bosses.


Big Mike: School is out for summer (and winter break…and spring break…), and this guy is on the job!


Alex (Deto):¬† An absolute workhorse. ¬†He’s put on like 20lbs of muscle since working with Seattle Select

Alex:¬† The only thing better than his moving skills? ¬†That hair. ¬†His nickname is “P. Keaton” but only people from the 80’s know why.


Curtis:¬† Too much man for one picture! ¬†Curtis is gone for the summer, he’s spending it with family in Alaska, can’t wait for his return.


Johnson:¬† ¬† Johnson is as strong as he looks. ¬†When he is not working with us he is training for MMA, he’s really good at it, that’s why he gets 2 pictures!


Ardany:    Another MMA fighter, moving is the perfect job for these guys who are on a strict training and weight loss regimen.  Originally from Los Angeles he now make Seattle his home.


Jake: Jake is the one answering your phone calls and booking your jobs.  He is currently in school to become an EMT.


Rachelle:  She is our awesome office administrator taking calls, booking moves and acting as the glue that keeps this ship put together.


Peter: Co-owner, operator, funny man, and newly married (sorry, ladies).


Mike: Co-owner, operator, and the guy with all the big ideas.  Super single and super awesome.

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