Why You Need A Storage Unit During Christmas

Christmas is a time for joy and spending quality time with the family. The holiday season gives every one time to visit their family, decorate the Christmas tree together and exchange gifts. Your kids or cousins might decide they all want to spend Christmas at your house this year. You are thrilled with joy when you realize what a wonderful time you all with have, then the anxiety hits.

Where are you going to fit all of those people? How are you going to accommodate all of the special decorations? How will the tree fit in the living room? Where are you going to keep your stuff?

The answer is simple. Get a storage unit. A storage unit can help you with a number of holiday related problems – here is how.

Store Your Furniture to Make Room for Guests

A storage service could be the best thing when there are too many guests coming home for the holidays. You can sort out all of the things you won’t need and can send them off to storage. This could help you free up space around your house and help accommodate everyone.

All you need to do is make an estimate of how big a storage unit you will need, and then make the booking prior to the arrival of your guests. It is easy to book a storage unit and you can get all of your furniture back when the family leaves.

Store Your Furniture to Make Room for the Decorations

If you have special decorations that you save just for Christmas, but they take too much space then a storage unit could be a big help in that as well. Again, you can move out the furniture you won’t need during the holidays and keep them in a storage unit.

You can call up a local storage service to find out how they can help you store your stuff for the holidays. Keeping away the unused stuff can be a big help.

Store the Special Decorations You Save For Christmas

If you have special furniture or decorations that you only need during the holidays then there is no point in leaving them in your home just to collect dust. You can put them away in the security of a good storage service, where they can stay without any damage from not being used. You can always get them out when Christmas comes around next year.

Hide Away the Gifts

If you are expecting a big family gathering for Christmas, then you must be dealing with a large pile of gifts for everyone. You cannot just leave them lying around in your house so that your nieces and nephews can open them before it is time. You can use a storage service to keep your gifts hidden away till the right time.

It is Safe, Secure and Easy

Holiday gifts and decorations are obviously special, especially with the tradition surrounding them. You want them to be in a safe place where they will never get damaged. Storage services like Seattle Select Storage have round the clock security that is reliable and secure. You can conveniently book a storage space and simply call 48 hours ahead of when you need your stuff back.

If you are looking for a good storage unit service in the Seattle area then you must try Seattle Select Storage. You can contact them about their secure storage facilities and services that can help you have a good Christmas with your family.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need A Storage Service

When you think of storage units, you think of a place where some unwanted items are kept and forgotten. But storage services do indeed have a use beyond housing hoarded items. If you are going through a transitional phase in your life, like moving from a big house to a small apartment, or you only need to store your special gardening tools someplace for the winter, such services can be invaluable. It might even be because you had to empty a room for an addition to the family.

In any case, storage spaces are ideal when you need a quick solution to store items that are important to you. Many people in Seattle use a storage service for when they need to make room in their houses or when they move away for a while. If you are in need of some extra space, here are three things you should know about a storage service.

It’s Cost Efficient

Your items are valuable to you for a reason. You spent money on them and they have been a part of your life for quite some time. This may make it hard for you to throw them away, or they may still be useful to you, just not now. If you want to save the cost of having to replace your items later on, then a storage service is a good option.

Especially if you need to leave town for a while for your job or school, then saving your items through storage in Seattle will be a cost effective solution. You can rest assured that with services such as Seattle Select Storage, your items will be safe and sound, at economical rates.


Leaving your important items just lying around, in your absence, is asking for trouble. If you are going to be away for a while or don’t have enough space in your home, then a storage service can offer you a secure solution.

A storage service can ensure security in a number of ways. For example, Seattle Select Storage uses vaults that are locked and monitored throughout the day. So you can be at ease that your property is in good hands. Seattle Select Storage also gives you digitized inventory of your items, so you can keep track of everything you have in your vault.

Seasonal Storage

Storage in Seattle doesn’t always have to be an option because you are moving away, or are leaving for some time. You can stay right there, in Seattle, and still have the need to put away items, because you only need them for a few months every year. For example, if you need to clear out your closet space for the summer, you can safely store your winter clothes through a storage service.

Seattle Select Storage also gives you the benefit of easy access. You simply need to tell them which item you need, 48 hours ahead of time, and they will pull it out for you to collect. This can save you a lot of hassle, especially if you are moving. You will only need to inform them about your movers and the moving company can directly pick up your belongings from the storage service.

If you want to know more about how you can improve your storage experience through Seattle Select Storage, then you can contact us for details.

The Benefits Of Storage Spaces: 5 Things Nobody Will Tell You

Storage spaces are very convenient when you need a quick solution for storing your furniture and other possessions. They are safe and secure, and can ensure that your property remains intact and ready for use when you need it back.

You can use a storage service for a variety of purposes. The most obvious one is keeping the possessions you have no use for but do not want to throw away. It may not have occurred to you but there are other ways that storage spaces can save you money, time and, well, space. Here are some of the ways you can utilize your storage space.

You Can Store Seasonal Clothing

If you have certain type of clothing that you only use in a specific season like winter or summer, then you can store them using a storage service. This can help you save on a lot of closet space that goes to waste holding items you don’t need all of the time. You can swap out clothes that you need for clothes that you don’t with a storage space.

You Can Use Them for the Holidays

Storage spaces can be your savior in the holidays or in any other occasion that you have family coming over to stay. You can clear out a spare room or the attic to make room to accommodate a lot of guests. Storage spaces are a quick and suitable for such situations.

You can also store your decorations, gifts or special possessions that you only take out for Christmas or thanksgiving. Since you don’t need these items through the rest of the year, you can keep them safe and secure in a storage unit.

You can use them to Keep Inheritance

A storage unit can be a great way to pass down family heirlooms and furniture. Many families already use storage units as a way to hand down items to their children. You can save up many things for your children that might be very useful to them when they grow up. You never know when your child might really need the furniture that is of no use to you now.

You Can Use Them mid Move

If you are making the transition from one house to the next, then storage spaces are highly useful. In the case you need to move out before the other place is ready, and are staying at a temporary location then you can keep your furniture in a storage space. It can stay there till your new home is ready. Some storage services like Seattle Select Storage let movers pick your furniture up directly. You just have to inform them beforehand.

You can also use a storage space if you want to remove unnecessary furniture from the old home if you are trying to sell it. De-cluttering your home for home showings can help it sell faster.

You Can Use it for Your Business

Storage services are valuable because of the security that they offer. This security is sometimes adequate enough to store business documents you don’t need or extra items from your inventory. You can store seasonal equipment or supplies and even archive sensitive documents.

For storage services where your items can stay secure, call Seattle Select Storage. Contact us to find out how we can help you store your things and save up space.

Packing Your China: 4 Things You Are Doing Wrong

Packing is never a fun prospect, especially if there are fragile items involved. Packing china is usually the first thing that comes to your mind and the last thing you actually want to get to. Having to be extra careful and then worrying about what will happen during the move can be stressful.

Chinaware is very fragile. Even if you think you are being extra careful, there are still certain mistakes people make when they are packing china.

Not Using Packing Peanuts

It does not have to be packing peanuts exactly. But any kind of cushioning material, like packing foam will do. China is fragile, and the journey from your home to the destination is bound to take a load on your plates. Using packing peanuts is important. Make sure that the bottom of your packing box is lined with cushioning material that can soften the blow, should your china face some bumps on the road.

Not Placing the China Properly

Most people think that packing china plates by placing them face down will keep them protected against cracks or chipping. But this is actually a mistake and can increase the chances of damage. It is better to pack your china plates standing up. They are more resilient to damage from that angle.

Separate the plates with either bubble wrap or a newspaper. Don’t follow this principle for teacups and glasses. It is better to place the teacups upright, not on their side. Before placing any china, be sure that the bottom is lined with cushioning material.

Leaving Space around the Plates

It is always a mistake to leave any room in the box when you are packing china. Do not leave any space for the chinaware to move around. Space means there is the chance they will clash with each other and might crack.

Make sure that any empty space is filled. You can use newspaper, cardboard pieces or packing peanuts to make sure that the chinaware doesn’t have spaces to move around in. Cardboard dividers can help in covering the space between cups and then you can place an extra layer of cardboard on top of the cups. The more tightly the box is packed, the safer your china is.

Not Wrapping Each Piece Individually

Don’t just fill the box with cushioning material. Make sure that your china is covered in bubble wrap. The biggest mistake in packing china is wrapping two or more pieces together. Some people cover a dish and the lid together, without wrapping each of them separately beforehand. Wrap every bit of your china in bubble wrap. Most people use newspapers, but bubble wrap is more effective.

Not Using Proper Labels

It is the most important and obvious step that you can sometimes forget because of the hustle and bustle that packing involves. You need to mark the boxes with china or any other delicate items, as “Fragile”. Use a sharpie if you have one lying around.

Also make an arrow showing which direction the box should be placed and write “This Side Up” beside it. This will help when it is time to move the box. It is a good practice to label every box according to its contents.

If you are looking for a moving company that will safely transfer all of your china from the Seattle area, then contact Seattle Select Movers. We make sure that your property reaches its destination without a hitch.

5 Things To Look For In A Moving Company

So you have decided to move to a new city and are on the lookout for a moving company in Seattle, to help you through the process. Well, there are a lot of moving companies you can choose from. But only a few can guarantee that your things will reach their destination safely.

There are cases where people end up losing a few items or face damage to their furniture. The process of moving is stressful in itself. You do not need the additional hassle of worrying about the safety of your property. If you are wondering what you can do to find the right guys for the job, consider these points.

Are They Thorough?

In order to give you an estimate of the expenses of your move, a moving company will have to go over your belongings. How much they charge for their service depends on how thorough they are. You don’t want to end up with a bill that is priced higher than what you were expecting, or has additional charges you weren’t aware of.

Good quality moving companies like Seattle Select Movers are transparent about their pricing. So make sure your movers go over everything properly to give you an accurate estimate of your expenses.

Are They Licensed?

You know you can trust a company that is properly licensed and approved. A moving company in Seattle should abide by the guidelines set by the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC). Ask to see your mover’s UTC permit number to verify their licensing.

You can also find out the standing of a moving company through organizations like the Better Business Bureau. If you know the person you have hired has gone through the proper registrations, then they are the right person for the job.

Are They Organized?

Good moving companies are organized. The quality of a mover is determined by how they pack away your property. For example, Seattle Select Movers use color coding to identify what type of items the boxes hold. That way, they are easier to identify and sort through.

Another thing to look out for is the type of packaging they use to store your items. In the Seattle area, you have to be careful that your property is safe from any harm during the move. Movers who pay attention to these small details are the ones you can trust with your property.

How Much Do They Cost?

Obviously, moving doesn’t come cheap, but it also shouldn’t be overly expensive. You will definitely want a solution to your moving problem that offers good quality of service at a decent price. The UTC has set certain regulations to ensure that transportation services are fairly priced.

If you want to find reasonable rates, then make sure that the pricing of the moving company is UTC approved.

Payment Services

Paying through cash or card is an option that most places will offer, but it is better to confirm this none the less. Another thing that may give you ease is electronic invoices of your payment. With physical receipts, there is always a chance of loss or damage. Smart and efficient companies like Seattle Select Movers offer their clients the ease of email invoices so that they can always track their payments.

If you are a looking for a reliable company to trust with your property, then you can rely on Seattle Select Movers to get the job done right. You can contact them to learn more about their packing and moving services.

Recycling isn’t easy

Wow, read this Seattle Times blog from 2011, mattress recycling is a huge problem






Special to NWhomes

We expect to recycle everything these days, but some products don’t make it easy. Take mattresses, please.

Although progress has been made recently on mattress recycling, they remain one of the most challenging items for consumers to recycle. We don’t need to get rid of a mattress very often, but when we’re done with it, we usually want it gone in a hurry.

Q: Let’s cut to the chase. What am I supposed to do with an old mattress?

A: The easiest solution is to ask a retailer to take back your old mattress and box spring when you buy a new set. Many retailers provide that service, although they may charge a small additional fee.

Tell the retailer you want your old mattress recycled, not landfilled. Mattress stores and other businesses that generate lots of old mattresses, such as hotels, can now recycle mattresses more easily than in the past through a Washington State Correctional Industries project and other programs.

Q: What if I have an old mattress to get rid of, but I’m not buying a new one from a retailer?

A: That’s currently the black hole of mattress recycling, especially if the mattress is in poor condition. Only a few local businesses will pick up or accept your mattress and get it recycled, and you could pay as much as $60 for recycling, usually significantly more than you would pay to throw it away.

Q: What would happen if I just leave it on a street corner somewhere?

A: Dumping mattresses and other items illegally can result in hefty fines from local governments or the state. If a mattress gets dumped illegally on your property, it’s generally your responsibility to have it hauled away.

Q: How about if I have a mattress I don’t want that’s still in good shape?

A: Some charities may accept it. For listings of charities and businesses that resell, donate, recycle or dispose of mattresses, consult King County’s “What Do I Do With?” website at your.kingcounty.gov/solidwaste/wdidw. Under “Select a Category,” click on Furniture, then Mattresses.

You could also offer it on Craigslist (craigslist.org) or Freecycle (freecycle.org). Before you offer a mattress for reuse, just make sure it doesn’t have any stains or rips, and of course, no bedbugs

Q: The bedbug scare has made used mattresses less appealing, hasn’t it?

A: Yes, but reputable used-furniture dealers will usually check mattresses they sell to make sure they do not have any telltale signs of bedbugs, and most individuals will not knowingly sell or donate a used mattress with bedbugs.

Q: Why are mattresses so hard to recycle?

A: A standard mattress and box spring are made of polyurethane foam, steel, wood, cotton and other fabric. Some of those materials have value for recycling if they can be separated cleanly, but that’s the hard part.

Mattress-recycling workers typically “fillet” the mattresses by hand, using box-cutters or similar tools. Because it is such time-consuming work, mattress-recycling operations may use prison labor or subsidized developmentally disabled workers to make it cost-effective.

Q: Can’t we just landfill mattresses?

A: Landfills don’t want mattresses because they take up a lot of space, and the springs pop out and get tangled in the landfill equipment.

Q: What’s the solution?

A: A “product stewardship” approach, where the mattress industry takes responsibility for providing recycling, would make proper mattress disposal easier for the public and reduce costs for governments. This might involve incorporating an “advance recycling fee” into the price consumers pay for a new mattress.

It also helps the environment when we buy high-quality mattresses, which last longer, and mattresses made from greener materials such as organic cotton.

Individuals, businesses and governments all need to pay more attention to the final disposition of bulky products such as mattresses and carpets that we spend so much time on every day. So let’s sleep on that tonight.