Packing Your China: 4 Things You Are Doing Wrong

Packing is never a fun prospect, especially if there are fragile items involved. Packing china is usually the first thing that comes to your mind and the last thing you actually want to get to. Having to be extra careful and then worrying about what will happen during the move can be stressful.

Chinaware is very fragile. Even if you think you are being extra careful, there are still certain mistakes people make when they are packing china.

Not Using Packing Peanuts

It does not have to be packing peanuts exactly. But any kind of cushioning material, like packing foam will do. China is fragile, and the journey from your home to the destination is bound to take a load on your plates. Using packing peanuts is important. Make sure that the bottom of your packing box is lined with cushioning material that can soften the blow, should your china face some bumps on the road.

Not Placing the China Properly

Most people think that packing china plates by placing them face down will keep them protected against cracks or chipping. But this is actually a mistake and can increase the chances of damage. It is better to pack your china plates standing up. They are more resilient to damage from that angle.

Separate the plates with either bubble wrap or a newspaper. Don’t follow this principle for teacups and glasses. It is better to place the teacups upright, not on their side. Before placing any china, be sure that the bottom is lined with cushioning material.

Leaving Space around the Plates

It is always a mistake to leave any room in the box when you are packing china. Do not leave any space for the chinaware to move around. Space means there is the chance they will clash with each other and might crack.

Make sure that any empty space is filled. You can use newspaper, cardboard pieces or packing peanuts to make sure that the chinaware doesn’t have spaces to move around in. Cardboard dividers can help in covering the space between cups and then you can place an extra layer of cardboard on top of the cups. The more tightly the box is packed, the safer your china is.

Not Wrapping Each Piece Individually

Don’t just fill the box with cushioning material. Make sure that your china is covered in bubble wrap. The biggest mistake in packing china is wrapping two or more pieces together. Some people cover a dish and the lid together, without wrapping each of them separately beforehand. Wrap every bit of your china in bubble wrap. Most people use newspapers, but bubble wrap is more effective.

Not Using Proper Labels

It is the most important and obvious step that you can sometimes forget because of the hustle and bustle that packing involves. You need to mark the boxes with china or any other delicate items, as “Fragile”. Use a sharpie if you have one lying around.

Also make an arrow showing which direction the box should be placed and write “This Side Up” beside it. This will help when it is time to move the box. It is a good practice to label every box according to its contents.

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