It can be unnerving to welcome strangers into your home on moving day. Below you will find pics and bios of our current team members, whom we think of as family. We boast in being the only moving company that can say with confidence who is coming to your house. ¬†What does that mean? ¬†The faces below are ALL real on the books employees that we pay L&I on so Seattle Select is protected, the guys are protected and most importantly you are protected. ¬†We use ZERO day labor. ¬†Take a look below, and put a face to a name. If you’ve used us in the past and want to request a specific team member, that’s fine by us! ¬†There are many more but you must have at least a year and a half on the team to get a bio on the site!


Rachelle:  Rachelle is the one that answered your request to move, she is the glue that keeps this company together.

Curits:   Most experience on the team, even more than the owners!

Alex:¬† “He is so polite” – said every customer ever (but really, he is so polite). ¬†Alex is planning on going to school for business and take after his awesome bosses.

Alex (Deto):¬† An absolute workhorse. ¬†He’s put on like 20lbs of muscle since working with Seattle Select

Kelly:  Too much man for one picture!  Kelly has been with Seattle Select for two years and plays semi-pro football.

OJ:   OJ is from San Antonio and does not miss the heat.  He is a great lead on Office moves.

Anthony:  Anthony has been with us over 2 years and is a major asset to our household moving division as well as our forklift operator.

Tone: Tone has been with us just under 2 years and is a lead for our house hold moving division

D’lorah: ¬†OJ’s Wife! ¬†These two are a power couple. ¬†She’s short and sweet but as strong as they come

Anthony:  Anthony is a driver in our office moves division

Will:  Nepotism is a great way to move ahead, but not yet.  He is a back up lead just waiting for his own truck.

Marcus: Marcus has been with Seattle Select for 2 years and plays semi-pro football with Kelly.

Dustin: Dustin has been with us over 2 years.  He is a father and a professional MMA fighter.

Buddles: His real name is Michael but we call him Buddles, his sister Rachelle calls the shots around here and that was his nickname as a youth.


THE OWNERS!  Mike and Peter