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Seattle Select Moving Tips Part One – Making Your Move Easy

Moving is quite the chore at times, and Seattle Select understands this, as such we are here to make your move as easy as possible. And with our years of quality and professional service, we are able to give you tips that most people just don’t know. While many of these tips may seem like common sense, it’s easy in the rush of a move to forget these tips, and by doing so you can make your move a whole lot harder than is needed.

Here are the First Round of Tips from Seattle Select Moving Services

Use Small Boxes for Books – Smaller boxes always work best for books, that and bags, but the key is that you want to use smaller boxes as books add up in weight fast, and this case you do not want to risk injury. So a use smaller box when packing books, Seattle Select wants to see your move as painless as can be.

Always Stack Dishes Upwards – Avoid stacking boxes on top of each other, as they will often break and leave you with a mess when you go to unpack your kitchenware. Instead you can wrap dishes in towels or t-shirts and place in boxes vertically to avoid any breaks.

Use Smaller Boxes for Heavier Items – In many cases you may try to put heavier items in a larger box, and then fill it with smaller items. This is a bad idea as the larger boxes will tend to get off balanced, and because of the weight there is potential for back and knee injury.

Avoid Using Super Market Boxes – These boxes are a bad idea, as they can have rotten food stuffs. And even worst you never know what sort of creepy crawly critter could be looking in the corner. There have been several instances of pets being introduced to a home from the likes of a dank and dark super market box.

Avoid Used Boxes – Used boxes are a bad choice as they tend to ware, and because of this ware there is always the possibility of the bottoms falling out and injuring feet. Instead use fresh boxes, or better yet use some deluxe and durable moving totes from Seattle Select Moving Services.

Avoid Using Duct Tape – Always use packaging tape as duct tape tends to get messy and is hard to peel off. There is nothing worst then getting gummy tape residue all over a new carpet as soon as you move in to your new home. Packaging tape always is cleaner, and easier to remove, and leaves no risk of damaging the home.

Label the Top and Side of a Box – To make it easier on you, make sure you label the tops and side of the box. You’ll appreciate this as you begin to stack boxes; this can give you a much easier time when unpacking so you can plan ahead as to where your next box will go.

Don’t Mix Items from Different Rooms in the Same Box – Mixing items in different boxes just tends to add confusion and as such it’s a bad idea all the way around. If you have items in several boxes, you will either be forced to move boxes from room to room, or move the items themselves. In either case this adds a lot of time to an already long day.

After following these tips, the easiest thing to do is to hire Seattle Select Moving Services for all of your moving needs. Our professional and polite crew of movers can get the job done fast, and make it painless and easy for you and your family. Simply fill out a moving request form online, or contact us via email or phone with any questions, and remember Seattle Select Moving Services is here to help with all of your moving needs.

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