The Real Secret of Moving To Seattle

Upon realizing they need to move, most families run out and start blowing chunks of money hoping to avoid a moving nightmare.  The truth is moving can be simplified with a few steps that cost you nothing.  If you are moving to Seattle, the real secret to success starts with creating a plan.

Secret 1: You don’t need it all

Moving to Seattle will be a new experience to your entire family.  So why not start fresh?  The less you bring with you the lower your overall move will cost.  Begin to think outside of the box.  America is one of the richest nations on the earth.  Getting new stuff is easy once you expect it to come your way.


Secret 2: This could be your chance

Once you have decided to shed your belongings, you can begin to look around you at the people in need.  Are there homeless or poor that you could bless with clothes?  Are there domestic violence shelters that need furniture?  Could you give your pots and pans to a soup kitchen nearby?  Try listing things on Craigslist, Freecycle or other local websites that help people in need.


Secret 3: You can expect the best

Put your mind at ease.  This will be the best move of your life.  You are giving to those in need, lowering your overall moving costs and waging war on materialism all at the same.  Now it’s time to get excited about your future.  Set attainable goals.  What do you want to see in Seattle?  Where would you like to go?  Are you interested in the downtown culture or the fresh seafood brought in daily?  Seattle offers you a new life.  Embrace it.  Expect the best.


It will amaze you how much faster you can get things done as a family just by understanding these 3 secrets to moving success.  Whether you are moving to Seattle or Washington D.C.  these tips are sure to help you sail through the process.

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