The Quick & Easy Way To Move To Seattle


There’s no doubt that every family starts out with a whole lot of questions, especially in the initial planning stages.  Moving to Seattle will be a process.  Luckily for you, here are the top 3 moving to Seattle steps every family needs to know.  At it’s best, moving is a challenge, but with some planning you can make the process a whole lot easier.


Steps #1: Set A Time Line For Moving To Seattle

When are you planning to move to Seattle?  What is your absolute, must be there, at work, deadline?  Got it?  Now put it on your calendar.  It is time to start counting backwards.  How many days and weeks do you have to prepare?  Once you have established a firm time line you can begin to chart a plan for a successful move.


Steps #2: Set A Budget For Moving To Seattle

What’s your budget? The amount of money you have to spend on getting from your current home to your new home will vary from family to family.  Determine your budget and then allow an additional 20% for incidentals.  Got it?  Ok, now you can decide  how to get from here to there.  Your budget and time will help you decide whether you will haul your furniture yourself or hire someone else to do it.  No money for the big move?  If so, it’s time to toss everything and prepare to start over.


 Steps #3: Set A Limit For Moving To Seattle

If your budget allows for multiple moving trucks then you have the ability to take everything with you.  If you are short on cash, you will need to set self imposed limits on what you can take.  Remember, the shedding process can be painful but it is usually very therapeutic.  Look at your possessions.  What do you absolutely love?  What do you like?  What can you throw out?  Begin the process of tossing based on your time constraints and your travel budget.  This makes the process quick and easy from start to finish.


Overall, these 3 Moving To Seattle steps put some real power in your corner as a family. But don’t forget, there’s a lot more to planning a successful move to Seattle.  So don’t let this article be the end of your journey, but rather the beginning of your quest for more knowledge.

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