Gimmie Gimmie

Let’s be honest Seattle moving company Seattle Select Moving, spends most of its time saying gimme gimme, we are out working trying to get business. However both owners feel compelled to not just give but be involved. Saturday is hands down our busiest day of the week so we set it aside to PLAY DODGE BALL in a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club in West Seattle. A super fun time was had by all, money was raised and hamstrings were pulled. I’d like to say that Seattle Select Moving fought the good fight, but we had it handed to us with a pathetic record of 2-8, ouch! Next year we’ll get em.


We took the day off!  Seattle Select Moving works EVERYDAY performing moves throughout Seattle, but sometimes your just need a day off.  Not sure what Peter did but i started with a 9 am kickoff of tackle football.  We are all too old for this but have too much pride to call it quits even though our bodies disagree.   Followed by foot ball i met with my aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and totaling about 30 people for a giant feast and some NFL watching.    Seattle Select Moving can handle and of your moving and delivery needs between now and the next holiday.

Josh on call

There are only a handful of people that Seattle Select Moving can call when help is needed and Josh is one of them. During a full Seattle Moving job yesterday Josh stept up to the plate to help Mike in two locations with no elevator.  Luckily, Josh is like both Peter and myself  eating right and trains for triathlons!  Josh is doing a half iron man next summer.  The Seattle Movers did this one fast in 3.5 hrs and the customers were thrilled, on top of that the apartment manager asked for our cards because she had never seen movers and good, nice and clean cut as Seattle Select Moving.  There is only one choice in selecting a Seattle Moving Company.  Seattle Select Moving!

Seattle uses 1,000,000 cardboard boxes for moving per month!

A guilty pleasure of the Northwest! Our secret is exposed and out in the open, but you are in luck because we have a solution! Reusable ¬†moving boxes are offered through Seattle Select Moving saving our evergreens and saving you greenbacks. Stackable storage boxes prior to a move increases efficiency and eliminates headaches along the way. As Seattle’s best moving and delivery company, our main focus is to minimize the environmental impact and leave an everlasting impression of customer service and hustle. Stay Green Seattle!

Seattle Moving Companies

There are a lot of Seattle Moving Companies.  If you ask us we would probable think that Seattle Select Moving ranks up there with the best of them!   Just take your time and read Seattle Moving Reviews and Customer feed back.  If a Seattle moving company was recommended by family or a friend, believe them  We dont have any horror stories but we have sure heard them.

Nice little Saturday!

Peter and myself had a nice little Saturday.  Performing another Seattle Moving job!  Jacinta G.  was our first moving her from the Lake City area to the Central District.  We performed the 1 bedroom move in less than 2 hours which is pretty darn fast.  She tipped us AND offered us a margarita!



We then cruised over to Lake Sammamish to grab this Refrigerator and did an appliance delivery to Kirkland.