Choosing A Seattle Moving Service

 Choosing A Seattle Moving Service

So you got that new job you were after, that’s great. However, it means that you are going to need to move to a new location. So how do you get started with your moving adventure in Seattle? There are so many things that need to be dealt with when moving house, you shouldn’t have to worry about hiring the wrong movers. When you are trying to select the best moving service Seattle has to offer, you should start by looking at the reputations of the companies you are considering. The company doesn’t have to be the oldest in the business but they do need to come highly recommended.

In your search for the right moving service in Seattle, bear in mind there are agencies that you can look to for qualifying information. Take for example Angie’s List, you can look up any moving service in Seattle on Angie’s list to see what kind of experiences others have had with the movers. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB will have logged any complaints against the moving service. If there were any complaints you can use that information to determine if you would like to use the Seattle moving service or not.

Another thing to consider is how the company represents itself. If the Seattle moving service has old dirty trucks and beat up equipment, take a look at the employees. If the employees are disrespectful and look unprofessional too, how could you expect them to be respectful of your personal possessions? You are looking for a company with employees that take pride in their company and their reputation. A company with clean equipment and a professional manner.

Once you decide on a moving service in Seattle, you will need to get an estimate on the services you need. Be sure to include all of the details that they ask for to keep surprises down to a minimum. If you need anything done special make sure to mention it during the estimate and again to the movers themselves. By taking the time to check out the Seattle moving service you are going to use, you can save yourself a world of stress.

Seattle Select Moving

Seattle Movers

If you are planning to move across the country and you are looking for some professional moving services, then you can consider taking help of movers Seattle. Most of the people hire professional moving services that are offered by different moving companies. These services can actually help you in transporting your belongings to a new house and getting it rearranged in a safe and stress free manner. If you are not having sufficient time and you want to get a lot of house contents moved without any harm or damage, then Seattle Movers can prove out to be extremely helpful to you.

Getting the right moving services on the final day can be a daunting task for you. If you want to move across town or nation, then you need to research the market carefully and choose the right option regarding movers Seattle. It is a fact that any moving company can help you with their moving services but they do not guarantee safe transportation of your goods. If you want to get moved for a long distance, then you must choose someone who is well experienced with long distance trips. You must always consider your needs and requirement carefully and choose your options accordingly.

Most of the movers Seattle offer proper quotes to their customers. You must always get quotes from different moving companies and compare them accordingly. These quotes will actually provide you with the right idea regarding the type and quality of moving services that are being provided by the moving company. If you want, you can compare these quotes and choose the best moving services that can suit all your needs and requirement. You must also check out the flexibility of these moving services that are offered by movers Seattle. You can choose moving services that offer proper flexibility in terms of timeframe. This is really one of the best ways by which you can save your time as well as money. You must always check out for different Seattle Moving companies and choose the one that suits you best.

Online research can also prove out to be extremely helpful to you. You can visit the official websites of different movers Seattle and collect all the necessary information regarding different moving service packages as well as contact details. If you want, you can also prepare a shortlist of movers Seattle and compare their services and costs.

Some Points To Consider Before Hiring Seattle Movers


Relocating can never be an easy task, especially if you have to move all your belongings to an altogether new location. Of course, one worries about the safety of the stuff that one has gathered over the years through his hard earned money. No one would like to see their beloved stuff being damaged in transit. “Do It Yourself” (DIY) would not be a great idea if you have no prior experience of moving your stuff on your own. Considering the fact that most of us are not skilled enough to move our belongings safely from one place to another the best alternative left would be taking help from a good moving service provider.

There are some important factors that one needs to be considered before zeroing in upon the perfect Seattle movers.

Do some research

It is always better to make a good research on the available local movers in the locality. One should always ask for guidance from people that one knows who have previously utilized the services of Seattle movers. They can enlighten one with some good tips that would be of great use while making decisions. They may also make referrals for your convenience.

Hire a licensed mover

Make sure you hire a licensed moving service provider. The company must be authorized by the Commissioner of Transportation. This is one of the best ways to assure oneself that the Moving Company has genuine intentions of doing some serious business and your belongings have gone into the hands of a recognized company that just won’t run away with your stuff.

Never without a written contract

Ask the company to provide you with a written contract where all the important points are clearly mentioned without any vagueness. Make sure to prepare an inventory list of all the stuff that has to be moved before the movers arrive and pack your belongings up.

Special service providers

Some special relocation requires transportation via sea or air space. Not all moving service provider has the facility to provide these services, Make sure you shortlist the companies that provide the required services and then compare and make inquiries about them from past customer testimonials.

One for everyone

Whatever are the needs of the one relocating there always be a company that will fulfill it. The need is of their union. This implies that the customer must negotiate with each local mover that is available to determine how much of his needs can be fulfilled by each. And based on the negotiations and conclusions drawn the final one can be selected. There is need to openly discuss the expectations one has from the moving service provider.

Some More Reasons to Use Seattle Select Movers to Help Move Your Home

Some More Reasons to Use Seattle Select Movers to Help Move Your Home

We have all heard the horror stories of furniture movers, showing up late, losing and damaging furniture, being generally hard to deal with. Well you can count on facing zero of those problems when working with Seattle Select Movers.

Our professional team of experienced movers is here to show you that there are movers today that work with consistency, efficiency, and all while holding a professional and respectful level of friendliness. We aim to make you feel at home before you even get settled in your new place.

There is nothing better than working with someone who exceeds your expectations and allows you to focus your moving energies where you most need them like with paper work, and handling expenses. Not to mention tending to the kids and making sure the family pets are safe.


Hiring Professional Movers

We all know that transporting house contents from one location to another can be tough and time consuming. The organizational aspect of a move is one of the major reasons that many people opt for professional moving services. Moving services, such as those offered by Seattle Select Moving, can always be tailored to fit your needs. It certainly helps if you know what your needs are, and what you are looking for in a moving company, but we’re experienced enough to talk with you before you move and help you determine your needs. We are also happy to show up and just get to work, if that what’s you’d like!

Three lesser-known tips when hiring a moving company:

1) Consider if you want to sign a contract: this helps ensure proper transport of your goods

2) Inventory all of your belongings before the move: this avoids the “what happened to my [blank]” when the unpacking begins

3) Research your moving company: don’t just take their word for it (extra hint: Seattle Select Moving is fully accredited!)

We give a lot of moving tips

Seattle Select Moving Tips Part One – Making Your Move Easy

Moving is quite the chore at times, and Seattle Select understands this, as such we are here to make your move as easy as possible. And with our years of quality and professional service, we are able to give you tips that most people just don’t know. While many of these tips may seem like common sense, it’s easy in the rush of a move to forget these tips, and by doing so you can make your move a whole lot harder than is needed.

Here are the First Round of Tips from Seattle Select Moving Services

Use Small Boxes for Books – Smaller boxes always work best for books, that and bags, but the key is that you want to use smaller boxes as books add up in weight fast, and this case you do not want to risk injury. So a use smaller box when packing books, Seattle Select wants to see your move as painless as can be.

Always Stack Dishes Upwards – Avoid stacking boxes on top of each other, as they will often break and leave you with a mess when you go to unpack your kitchenware. Instead you can wrap dishes in towels or t-shirts and place in boxes vertically to avoid any breaks.

Use Smaller Boxes for Heavier Items – In many cases you may try to put heavier items in a larger box, and then fill it with smaller items. This is a bad idea as the larger boxes will tend to get off balanced, and because of the weight there is potential for back and knee injury.

Avoid Using Super Market Boxes – These boxes are a bad idea, as they can have rotten food stuffs. And even worst you never know what sort of creepy crawly critter could be looking in the corner. There have been several instances of pets being introduced to a home from the likes of a dank and dark super market box.

Avoid Used Boxes – Used boxes are a bad choice as they tend to ware, and because of this ware there is always the possibility of the bottoms falling out and injuring feet. Instead use fresh boxes, or better yet use some deluxe and durable moving totes from Seattle Select Moving Services.

Avoid Using Duct Tape – Always use packaging tape as duct tape tends to get messy and is hard to peel off. There is nothing worst then getting gummy tape residue all over a new carpet as soon as you move in to your new home. Packaging tape always is cleaner, and easier to remove, and leaves no risk of damaging the home.

Label the Top and Side of a Box – To make it easier on you, make sure you label the tops and side of the box. You’ll appreciate this as you begin to stack boxes; this can give you a much easier time when unpacking so you can plan ahead as to where your next box will go.

Don’t Mix Items from Different Rooms in the Same Box – Mixing items in different boxes just tends to add confusion and as such it’s a bad idea all the way around. If you have items in several boxes, you will either be forced to move boxes from room to room, or move the items themselves. In either case this adds a lot of time to an already long day.

After following these tips, the easiest thing to do is to hire Seattle Select Moving Services for all of your moving needs. Our professional and polite crew of movers can get the job done fast, and make it painless and easy for you and your family. Simply fill out a moving request form online, or contact us via email or phone with any questions, and remember Seattle Select Moving Services is here to help with all of your moving needs.

When is the Best Time to Move in Seattle

When is the Best Time to Move?
There is a lot to think about when moving, and at Seattle Select we understand this. That’s why we like to provide you with consistent moving tips to help make your next move your best move. It’s funny…but sometimes the simple tips are the tips that make all the difference! Some as simple as moving at the proper time can make your move a easy move vs. a frustrating move.

Here are some Tips to consider in regards to timing on your next move:

What Time of the Year is It –
Even the time of year plays big part in the quality of your move. Take winter for example in Seattle, rain… rain… rain. And as we all know how much it rains in Seattle, we also know what a drag it can be sitting out in the rain while moving. Not to mention the potential damage that can occur to your things while they are getting hit by rain. This is why it may be better for you to consider a move during summer or late spring when possible.

What Time of the Month is It –
Believe it or not this can be a huge factor in moving. Consider this, most leases change over at the end of the month or the beginning of the month. This means that a move at either of these times can be drastically more expensive than a move during the midpoint of the month. This is something you will definitely want to take into account, especially if you are on a tight budget.

What Time of the Week is It-
It should come to of no surprise that most people move on the weekends, because of this it will always cost more to move on the weekends. Whenever possible, always try to schedule a move during the week to avoid the elevated price of a weekend move.

What Time of the Day is It-
Believe it or not even the time of day can have dramatic effects on your next move. Take for instance moving during rush hour traffic, this can cause short moves to become long drawn out processes. Also something to consider is heat: moving mid-day in the summer is going to be a lot tougher to deal with vs. early morning or evening.

All of these tips are something to think about in your next move. Of course if you are looking to completely simplify the entire process than Seattle Select Moving Services is here to help make your next move a move of ease and simplicity. Simply contact us for more information or fill out a contact form on this website for further assistance. Thanks for your consideration in using Seattle Select Moving Services to schedule your next move!

Ten Weird Tips for Moving That Really Work (Part Two)

Five (more) Weird Tips for Moving That Really Work 

Bag your clothes –
I know we mentioned this before, but that’s because it really works. Something as simple as a black trash bag is great for keeping your clothes clean and dry as well as on the hangers. Simply pull the whole bag up around a cluster of clothes, tie around the top of the hangers and seal with some tape…And voilà, your clothes are safe and sound.

Take Pictures –
Putting back together your home after a move can be a lot like solving a jigsaw puzzle, and who has time for that in the beginning? Instead, try taking pictures of different areas of the house: living room, dining room and bedrooms just to start. You can also take pictures of dishes to make sure you can fit all the items back into the cupboards.

Keep The Fish Alive –
Many people will just flush the aquatic pets’ home down the drain, this is a bad idea. Why? Because fish are a great way to add familiarity to your new home, and a fish tank is its own tiny ecosystem complete with bacteria that is important to your fish. Instead, save some of the water and the fish to add a sense of “home” to your new home. And the existing water will help ensure your fish endure the move.

Don’t Clutter Up the New Garage –
Avoid the tendency to put boxes in the garage. Instead take the extra minute to carry the box to its appropriate place in the house. This will help you dodge the pitfall of filling up the garage with boxes and never getting them unpacked.

Leave the Television in the Box –
Moving can get hectic and tiresome, so the key is to keep the comforts at bay. You can guarantee that if you unpack the T.V. and set it up early your move is going to take a lot longer. If you keep it tucked away while unpacking, you will get everything done in your new home and can use the big screen as a reward for finishing the set-up of your new home.

Seattle Select Is Here To Give You the Best Tips and Practices for a Successful Move
Thanks for your time and consideration with Seattle Select Moving Services. Feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you may have. You can do that by simply calling us by phone, or reaching us by email. You can also get started with us right away by filling out an online form to secure our help for your next move. Thanks again friends!

Seattle Select Moving Tips for 2014

Seattle Select Moving Tips for 2014

Happy New Years!

Ringing in the New Year with a move? Nothing is better than moving into a New Home, especially when the moving process goes quick and effectively. Here at Seattle Select Movers we understand that moving can be a hassle, you can stop worrying. We are here to help and here are some tips to make your move into your new home the most relaxing and pleasurable mover you’ve experienced.

Five of Seattle Selects Moving Tips 2014

  • Organize and Separate – Organization is the key when moving, the best way to do this is to organize by area such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, master bedroom. Another tip is to separate possessions by value and durability. For instance keep your crystal and China together, jewelry and other expensive items can be kept together as well. By doing this you can keep track of your most valuable possessions easily and stack the most fragile items on top secured to assure their safety.


  • Recycle – Use old boxes to decrease the needles use and purchase as well as hassle of dealing with boxes. Another great way to conserve on waste and time is to rent storage boxes from Seattle Select Movers. These boxes are durable rubber based containers that are stackable and easy to manage.


  • Label – Make sure and label all of your boxes to help with the safety during transportation as the heaviest items will typically be stored on the bottom. Labeling also helps with the organizing and separating of items. This will also make life easier once the new items are moved into your new home, they will easily be sorted by room and value and make for a much less cluttered move.


  • Relax – Once you’re packed and ready to go it’s time to take a break and let Seattle Select take care of the hard part. Let us get the hard moving part done for you in a fast and efficient manner. Rest assured knowing that all of your valuable possessions are in good hands as we treat them as our own.


  • Enjoy – It’s time to take some time to appreciate your new home, while there’s a lot of work to do the hardest is behind you and you can enjoy your new home knowing that the moving is all behind you thanks to Seattle Select Movers.

Thank You from Seattle Select Moving Sevices

As always we would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read our blog and for considering Seattle Select Movers as your moving company. Happy New Year! We appreciate you, your satisfaction is of the up most importance to us.

Merry Christmas from Seattle Select Moving

We hope everyone is having a great Christmas season.  At Seattle Select Moving we are thankful for our family, friends and all the folks that have given the opportunity to move their homes in recent months.  Help us grow and spread the word this next year about Seattle Select Moving.


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Finally! Seattle Select has great news

Seattle moving companies must jump through a lot of hoops to become official and operate within the confines of the laws.  Seattle Select Moving was started a month ago, and although we had our license, bonding and insurance, we had not yet received our WUTC permit.  Well upon inspection of our application they granted us a temporary permit until our approval goes through, which it most certainly will.  If you are moving in Seattle, Seattle Select Moving is the one to call


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Reusable boxes

Seattle Moving companies

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