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Ten Weird Tips for Moving That Really Work (Part One)
Moving can be a hassle, and sometimes a tip or two can change it all… So today here at Seattle Select Moving Services we’re gonna share with you a few tips that may be a little “different” but will greatly improve your next big move.
Ten Weird Tips for Moving That Really Work
Whine with Socks Please –
Typically whine goes well with cheese, but you can have that combo to celebrate the finishing of your new move. Instead try using your socks to keep your favorite stem wear safe.
Stack Plates on Plates –
Instead of painstakingly wrapping each plate separately from one another a great tip for this is to wrap an entire stack nice in tight in plastic wrap. Make sure to place some form of padding between each plate, newspaper can work as well as bubble wrap or even other Styrofoam plates.
Sheet Can be Used for More than Making Ghost Costumes –
Your extra sheets can be used to protect any piece of furniture in your home as well as a cover for your bed to keep it clean. Using sheets also helps in freeing up packaging space.
You Can Pack By Color –
Of course you can label every box, but this can get time consuming and the letters may become illegible to read. Instead try getting some colored stickers and using those to color codes the boxes, of course you will want to create a legend on a note pad of some type. This can help eliminate confusion and make unpacking a snap.
Use wheeled Luggage for Books –
If you own one of those cool little carry-ons with the wheels and a handle you can use it for moving your books. Whatever you do avoid using heavy duffle bags as they can get way too heavy to carry and a hurt back never helped anyone move. Instead get your smaller pieces of luggage and try using those for books.
These tips are just some ideas to help make your next move a snap
Here at Seattle Select Moving Services there is nothing we like better than making your move easier. You can rest easy anytime you select us as your moving company, professionalism and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Now if you have any questions, feel free to simply contact us via e-mail or by telephone and we can answer questions you may have. Thanks!

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