Mattress Recycling

Hey everybody, we haven’t posted in a while. ¬†We’ve been super busy moving Seattle. ¬†Over the last few years we’ve noticed something…..mattresses. ¬†They’re everywhere, in the streets, by dumpsters and on the freeway? ¬†Donation centers wont take them and taking so many to the dump is just overwhelming our landfills. ¬†So we decided to launch a mattress recycling service. ¬†We developed our own process to break down and reuse or recycle the entire mattress and box spring set. ¬†Wish us luck on our new venture as we currently accept the mattresses at our own location in Edmonds and try to create drop centers all over the city.

Still 12

Wow. ¬†What a heartbreaking loss but a bright football future. ¬†2 years ago we lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs, last year we won a Super Bowl, this year we returned to lose the Super Bowl. ¬†There is a huge light at the end of the tunnel and that light is winning. ¬†Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks have ushered in a clear pattern of winning at football, losing and winning in Super Bowls and NFC Championships will be a common thing for Seattle. ¬†Its time to move forward 12’s we have a long off season and a bright future. ¬†Seattle Select Moving will press on with passion and courage with the 12’s