Seattle Select – Helping People Move Their Stuff

Ok, so you need to move and you live in Seattle.  Step one is finding a great moving

company that will help you with the process.  The problem is, many companies

are unreliable and expensive.


Enter Seattle Select.  Seattle Select loves to help people move and with affordable

prices and service you can count on, you don’t have to worry about your stuff.  Whether

you are moving into a large home or a tiny condo, Seattle Select will get it done in

a timely manner without a lot of hassle.


Here are a few fresh ideas to make moving preparation quick and easy!


1. Use reusable boxes.  Seattle Select rents boxes that can be used and then

returned.  “Green boxes” help you save the environment and don’t pile up in your



2. Color code your boxes and their corresponding rooms.  The kitchen could

be blue and the bedroom could be yellow.  Color coding helps the moving flow

by easily telling people where each box needs to go.


3. Take photos of anything you plan to place in storage.  After a few months

it is easy to forget what you put in your storage unit.  A few photos on your

smartphone will help to jog your memory in a pinch.


4. Wrap dishes in pillow cases, sheets and towels.  Using linens you already

have saves paper which saves trees! (not to mention unpacking is a whole lot

less messy!)


5.Plan for delays from the beginning.  Allow for extra time on both sides of the

intended move.  Having a buffer zone will remove stress when obstacles arise.


The moving process can be challenging but the professionals at Seattle Select

are there to guide you every step of the way.  You can count on their knowledge

and service.  To get a quote..CLICK HERE

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