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Moving? Get professional help. You won’t regret it.

When it comes to moving all of your valuable belongings and arranging for the delivery of furniture and equipment, one doesn’t want to take any chances. Scratches, bent doors, broken glass and irreparable antiques and family treasures are not the mental images a person would like to associate with moving. Fortunately, there is a way out – hiring professional moving help to arrange the safe and sound delivery of your furniture and other property from point A to point B.

Fully licensed and insured

Take a close look at our company, Seattle Select Moving. We are fully licensed by the Utilities and Transportation Commission, which means that our services meet or exceed the standards this organization has set for the moving and delivery industry. If you ask our former clients, you will find that the high evaluation of our approach is universal – we deliver on our promises (no pun intended) by professionally dealing with each case on an individual basis to ensure that your requirements are met and your needs are listened to.

Our services

If you have done your research, you probably have discovered that many of our competitors only offer manual labor. We at Seattle Select Moving go beyond this barebones service – when you chose to move through us, you get all of the necessary moving equipment and even careful furniture wrapping as part of the deal. Our movers work faster and harder than you can imagine. They also treat your property with the utmost care – we take pride in providing you with a delivery service of unmatched quality and efficiency. In addition to moving and delivery services, we are happy to offer box rentals.

What box rentals?

Our reusable moving boxes are easy to use and greatly increase efficiency (which, in the end of the day, saves you money). When you order a set of boxes through us (from 10 to 40), we deliver them a week in advance of the big day and pick them up a week after you move, to give you the necessary time to unpack. If you become greatly attached to our box rentals in that two week window, you can even buy them from us at reasonable rates.

To sum up

One should never make important decisions without due research and hearing multiple points of view, which is why we would like to actually encourage you to research our competition and the services and rates that they provide. We can encourage you to do that because we are confident you will opt for Seattle Select Moving, Washington’s most dependable, efficient and customer friendly mover. Talk to you soon!

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