Hiring Professional Movers

We all know that transporting house contents from one location to another can be tough and time consuming. The organizational aspect of a move is one of the major reasons that many people opt for professional moving services. Moving services, such as those offered by Seattle Select Moving, can always be tailored to fit your needs. It certainly helps if you know what your needs are, and what you are looking for in a moving company, but we’re experienced enough to talk with you before you move and help you determine your needs. We are also happy to show up and just get to work, if that what’s you’d like!

Three lesser-known tips when hiring a moving company:

1) Consider if you want to sign a contract: this helps ensure proper transport of your goods

2) Inventory all of your belongings before the move: this avoids the “what happened to my [blank]” when the unpacking begins

3) Research your moving company: don’t just take their word for it (extra hint: Seattle Select Moving is fully accredited!)

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