Moving in Seattle

Need to move in the Seattle area?

If you are looking for one of the best moving companies in the Seattle area, then you should look no further than Seattle Select Moving.  The company is fully insured, bonded and licensed, as well as approved by the Better Business Bureau.  If you have a whole house of personal items to move, you can trust the crew at Seattle Select Moving to do the job right!  The company also offer UTC Approved pricing for you.  What that means is that you are going to be paying a reasonable price that is regulated by the Utilities and Transport Commission to protect customers from unfair moving practices.  If you ask for a UTC permit and the moving company cannot provide one, skip them and move on to Seattle Select Moving.

Our services include the provision of moving equipment needed for the job as well as courtesy furniture wrapping to protect your personal property during the move.  We have reasonable pricing options for if you just need help to pack things up as well as whether or not you need a truck to complete the task.  Services start as low as $65 per hour for just labor and $85 per hour for labor and truck.  Mileage is paid at a flat $30 per mile, but that does not include ferry, parking or toll fees.  When hiring Seattle Select Moving you can expect 10-20 minutes to discuss paperwork and the plan of attack for the day.  Once all of the legal stuff is out of the way, your move will begin with us wrapping your furniture as a courtesy.

Payment methods include cash and credit card.  Emailed invoices and receipts are included as part of our services.

Call us today or go online at to schedule a date for your big move!

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