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Seattle Select Moving Tips Part Two – Making Your Move Even Easier

Hi friends this is the second installment of more moving tips from Seattle Select Moving Services. Once again the importance of knowing the simple rules of moving, can make all of the difference in your next move. Of course letting the professionals of our Movers handle all of your Seattle Moving needs are the best bet around. Enjoy this second post, as we are sure you will learn some aspects of moving that will make your moving day much easier.

Don’t Forget to Arrange and Transfer School Records Two Weeks in Advance – Your children’s school records can take time to shift, so it’s important to start the transfer process a couple of weeks prior to the move. This will ensure a smooth transition, and that your children will miss as little of school as possible.

Don’t Forget to Get Snacks for Moving Day – Moves are tiring, and as such you will need energy, it’s important to have plenty of snacks and drinks so that you don’t have to make frequent stops to feed your family. The more you can focus on the move, the faster and more effective you will be, and the easier the move will be. Of course if you have Seattle Select Moving Services, your move will be as easy as pie.

Don’t Forget to Mail Your Change of Address Forms Two Weeks in Advance – The last thing you want is to have to be making a bunch of trips back to your old home. Instead it’s best to stay ahead of the game by changing your address before you even get into your new home.

Make sure and Cancel All Your Cable, Landscapers, Pest Control, and Newspaper Subscriptions – Don’t forget to cancel all of your previous services, or to inform the companies that you will be moving and then provide them with the new address. Otherwise you may end up paying for another family’s service, or that of an empty home.

Clean Your Stove Before You Move Out – Never forget to clean out your stove ahead of time, this is one of the worst things to walk into. You don’t want to leave someone else with a dirty, grimy stove on their first night in their new home.

Defrost your Fridge the Day of the Move – Make sure to unplug and clean out your fridge by the last day, as it will save on electricity before its turned off, and allow it to air out for the next tenants. If you are moving the fridge to your new home, it will give you a fresh start, and keep ice from melting during the move and making a big mess. Seattle Select Movers want to see your move go as smooth as possible.

Make Sure You Have Enough Cash the Day of the Move – Having the right amount of cash on moving day is important, in many cases you may be moving on a weekend and the banks could be closed, or may just be out of the way. And any time spent off route is going to add to an already exhaustingly long day of moving in Seattle.

Remember that a Moving Company Will Not Transfer Hazardous Materials – Moving companies will bot transfer your hazardous materials like gasoline, acids, and other harmful chemicals, so this is something to think about when preparing for your next move.

All in all Seattle Select Movers want to see you have the best move of your life into your new home. We are here to make the moving days painless, and the transition as enjoyable as possible. Be sure to keep a good mindset, and in order to ensure Seattle Select Moving Services availability for your next move. Simply fill out a form online, or contact us through our email or telephone. And thanks for your time and consideration in hiring Seattle Select Moving Service for your next move.

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