Five Moving Tips from Seattle Select Movers

As always your satisfaction is of great importance to us. Today we want to give you some more tips to make your move a great one. Always remember that Seattle Select Moving Services is just a phone call away.

Tips to help make your move better from Seattle Select Movers

Always Pack Ahead
It’s always best to avoid packing on the last day; there are certain things you can pack ahead of time to make your move less stressful. For example if you’re moving in the height of summer you can pack your winter clothes. To make things easier you can box up all your extra hygiene products and live out of a travel case for the last week.

Another tip: the last few days avoid buying excessive groceries as well as preparing meals that take massive time and utensils. Also clean your trash cans and waste baskets ahead of time, they are perfect for storing items while moving.

Maximize Your Wardrobe Box Use
Getting your wardrobe organized early helps make things much easier for you. It’s best to layer your wardrobe boxes, you can start with sturdier items such as shoes and boots on the bottom of the boxes, place them in bags to avoid dirtying your other clothes. Next pack your hanging items and make sure they’re tight to avoid them falling off the hangers. You can finish it off with some sweaters and purses to create a tight fit. This will make it easier when unpacking; if you need boxes don’t forget to ask about the durable easy to manage storage containers we rent at Seattle Select Moving.

Consolidate Cleaning Supplies
If cleaning your old house is a must, put together a simple kit of cleaning supplies, paper towels and sponges. Clean everything as soon as possible, (don’t forget cupboards, drawers,and windows!) Vacuuming can be done as the movers empty each room. Don’t forget the oven!

Use Your Luggage
Luggage and duffle bags are a great way to store bulky fabrics like towels, bed sheets and blankets. You can also put our favorite outfits in a suitcase or duffle bag for easy access for the next week while you’re unpacking.

Keep Important Papers With You
These important papers could include: records, diplomas, birth certificates, your moving estimates and new job contacts, as well as utility companies, bank records, current bills, closing papers, and phone numbers. It’s best to keep these with you for easy access in case you need them.

Thank You
As always we just want to say thanks for taking the time to read this article and using Seattle Select Moving Services. We appreciate you and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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